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Who is Morayo?

Meet Morayo, your new Financial Consultant at CreditRegistry.

Morayo is 35 years old from Osun State Nigeria. She is the 1st child of her parents from a lower-class family. As a child, Morayo’s father was a carpenter and the primary provider of the family, while her mother was a petty trader in the famous Yaba market in Lagos.

When Morayo was 15 years old, an unfortunate incident changed her life forever. It all began when her father was involved in a ghastly accident and he needed funds quickly for his surgery. Her family was in no financial position to raise the huge amount required to treat him, friends and extended family couldn’t help him too.

He approached a financial institution and tried to get a loan but that failed also because he had no collateral to present as security for the loan and lenders at the time in Nigeria had not embraced the use of credit history for loan approvals. Interestingly, this was about the same time CreditRegistry started breaking ground in Nigeria.

It was a heartbreaking time for Morayo's family to watch their father suffer as they could not fund his surgery. Unfortunately, Morayo’s father lost his limbs and was unable to provide as much as he used to for his family. This marked the turning point for Morayo. Naturally, as the first child, she was expected to bear some of the financial burdens of the family as her father could no longer provide for them. She vowed to work as hard as she could to make sure her family never had to suffer again financially. Sometimes, she wondered how different their lives would have been if they had been able to get enough money for her father's health and if there were other ways in which people could get access to credit. This motivated her to learn as much as she could about how finance and credit works.

Later in life, her hard work paid off when she won a scholarship to study Financial Accounting in the United States. She graduated with honours from the Harvard School of Business. She went ahead to become a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) to help as many people as she can to make better use of credit and make healthier financial decisions.

When she got to the United States, she was excited to see how access to credit helped everyone around her take control of their financial future. Eventually, Morayo returned to Nigeria on a mission to empower Nigerians to see how COOL credit can be and empower them to use credit in a way that makes their lives better. Then she heard about CreditRegistry, a company with a similar purpose - to empower Nigerians to take control of their financial future using credit.

So when she saw an opening in CreditRegistry, it was a perfect match for her career and purpose. And this is how Morayo began her journey with us at CreditRegistry, as a Certified Financial Consultant.

Feel free to ask her any financial questions that you have, Morayo is more than happy to help.

To Morayo, it's not just a job, it's her passion and mission to help you.

Live life, Use Credit.

Article written by CreditRegistry

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