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Our story

Instant credit can take place today in Nigeria due to the solutions first pioneered by CreditRegistry.


Who we are

“CreditRegistry” is Nigeria’s largest credit bureau and pioneer of the industry serving members since 2003. CreditRegistry is officially registered as CR Services (Credit Bureau) Plc and fully licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
The story of CreditRegistry began back in 2001 when our founder, inspired by his personal experience and the affluence afforded to the everyday person in the United States, decided to introduce a similar system to citizens in his home country to enable them to benefit from easy access to consumer credit to help improve their lives. 

His desire led him to discover the role that credit bureaus play to help financial institutions make credit more available to consumers and small businesses. Credit bureaus underpin widespread credit availability, and research shows that credit leads to more spending, increased economic activity, and increases a country’s GDP and economic growth. In 2003, CreditRegistry subsequently laid the foundation for large-scale consumer and small business lending in Nigeria and continues to foster and promote a culture of accountability with credit. As the pioneer credit bureau in the country, our innovations bring revolutionarily change to the way lending is done in an emerging market like Nigeria. Today, lenders utilize data and analytics from CreditRegistry to make risk management decisions – this is a global best practice that we introduced locally, and is now a regulatory requirement and act of law in Nigeria. According to the Central Bank of Nigeria's (CBN) annual credit statistics, Nigerian banks’ disbursement of Credit to Private Sector (CPS) has seen an increase of 2,111% since the establishment of private credit bureaus in 2003. CPS was N26.60 trillion as at Dec 2019 against N1.26 trillion as at December 2003 (our first year of operation). CreditRegistry is privileged to pioneer and drive this fundamental change. CreditRegistry continues to lead as it pioneers new solutions to help not only lenders but businesses of all types, to manage risk and increase reward. 

Who we serve

CreditRegistry serves consumers, businesses and lenders. Our products are designed to be easy to access, easy to use and easy to understand.

As well as big data solutions, credit scoring, and predictive analytics models to help lenders profitably manage the entire credit lifecycle to grow revenues and reduce risk, we also offer consumer and B2B products.

Our products provide a robust and dependable infrastructure that creditors and borrowers can rely on to make fast, easy, and smart credit decisions.  For businesses, our products and services protect them from making uninformed credit decisions and to enhance their cash flow. For individuals, our products empower and encourage accountability to improve creditworthiness and help facilitate awareness about credit to improve their quality of life.

Our leading products include Credit Report, AutoCred API, Dud Cheque API, SMARTScore, CreditConnection, GetPaidFaster, BVN Discovery, Portfolio Monitoring Report, Campaign Report. 

Make the right choice for your financial future. Choose CreditRegistry. 

Our Vision

To be Nigeria’s #1 provider of insightful solutions that enable creditors, consumers and businesses to establish trust quickly and engage in mutually advantageous business. 

Our Mission

To be the premier information provider in every financial transaction, bringing about new levels of social accountability, improved standards of living, and rapid economic growth.

EPIC values

Our dedicated team at CreditRegistry is suitably named after CreditRegistry's core values, “EPIC”!  
EPIC Nation is a team of highly-trained, enthusiastic, and motivated professionals who all share and support the Company’s vision. 
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Excellent Customer Experience
Passion and Innovation
Continuous Learning

Company History

Number of global awards

We continue to receive awards for innovation, product leadership, credit reporting, superior service and strategy.  

Years in operation

The vision to pioneer a private credit bureau was born in 2001. Biometric technology was integrated into the credit bureau system later that year.

Thousands of satisfied customers

We've been serving our valued customers since 2003. 

A rich database of millions

Trusted with Nigeria’s largest credit information database, CreditRegistry supports hundreds of financial institutions and creditors to successfully manage the credit information for tens of millions of consumers and small businesses.

Board of Directors

Fatumata Soukouna Coker
Fatumata Soukouna Coker has over 17 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies in the high-tech industry, including extensive management responsibilities at IBM, Microsoft & SSL. Her speciality in global emerging markets has allowed her to work with a wide variety of companies in USA, Africa and the Middle East. 
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Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer
Jameelah Sharrieff-Ayedun
Jameelah Sharrieff-Ayedun is an internationally experienced and energetic leader with over 20 years of multi-faceted hands-on experience in business, technical and people management. As an engineer, she is skilled at defining strategy, developing organizational structure and building diverse teams that deliver results.
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Independent Director
Dr Jill Matzke
Jill S. Matzke, PhD has top business and technical education plus demonstrated success in both strategic and operational roles. Particular strengths in marketing strategies, business planning, environmental strategies, product portfolio management, use of process improvement to drive business success. 
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Non-Executive Director
Emeka Emenike
Emeka Emenike is a Director of CR Services (Credit Bureau) Plc and ARM Capital Partners Ltd and represents investor interest on the board of several companies. Mr. Emenike has over 24 years of work experience across industries spanning oil field services, commercial banking, investment management and private equity.
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Non-Executive Director
Kayode Gilbert  
Kayode Gilbert is a Deputy Director of Engineering at the Boeing Company. He is responsible for providing overall engineering oversight and strategic leadership that leverages the tremendous technological strength of the Boeing enterprise, industry and academia to improve productivity and execution.
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