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AutoCred API Introduction

CreditRegistry Automated Credit Information (AutoCred) is a REST API that enables authorized subscribers to search for prospective buyers/customers in the bureau and order their credit reports and scores. You can also access credit bureau data and the insightful predictive analytics built on the data.
An ideal scenario for a subscriber to utilize AutoCred is to integrate credit bureau data and CreditRegistry SMARTScore® into the subscriber’s automated loan processing systems.
Create an AutoCred User Account if your company does not already have one. If desired, you may create separate AutoCred accounts for your different company units or for different company products that require access to CreditRegistry data and analytics.
  • Create account password for each AutoCred account

Call any of the Report API endpoints to obtain the credit bureau data - including:

  • Credit report data,
  • Proprietary standard bureau data block (SBDB) with summaries and score characteristics (SBC),
  • Proprietary SMARTScore
  • Search for customers / data subjects

Report API Endpoint

The Report API endpoints require the Registry ID of each data subject. Use the Find endpoints of the Customer API to obtain the Registry IDs of desired data subjects.
CreditRegistry SMARTScore provides a unique retrospective (Retro) capability. The SMARTScore retro system enables the generation of standard bureau characteristics (SBCs), at a point in time in the past, for customers in your loan book and those whose loan applications were declined.
The Advantages
The advantage of the SMARTScore Retro is that it is able to help your company identify whether some of those that were declined at the point of loan application should have been approved, and whether some of those that were accepted at the point of loan application should have been declined.

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