Nigeria's Largest Credit Bureau

What our customers are saying

Chief Operating Officer

Rosabon Financial Services

“CreditRegistry’s credit report has become a very useful debt recovery tool, saving us several millions of Naira in delinquent accounts. This further demonstrates the power of credit reporting as an effective social accountability mechanism."

Country Head, Retail Banking Group

Ecobank Nigeria Plc

“CreditRegistry’s anti-fraud solutions helped us verify customers’ identities and detect multiple credit card applications."

Head, Enterprise Risk Management

Skye Bank Plc

“Following our selection of CreditRegistry as one of our credit bureau providers, we are excited to fully incorporate credit checks as part of our risk management process. The pilot was hugely successful with a 70% hit rate on credit enquiries. We also found the credit reports to be quite detailed, providing us with useful information for loan assessment and recovery.”

Head, Risk Management

FBN Mortgages Ltd

“CreditRegistry desktop application is simple to use while the credit report is clear and unambiguous. We look forward to using these reports to track our customers and reduce loan default.”

Group Head, Credit Risk Management

Aso Savings & Loans Plc

“CreditRegistry reports are concise, detailed and easy to understand. This has become a critical part of our risk management process, enabling us to effectively grow our revenues while managing the risk of doing so.”