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CreditRegistry is Nigeria's Largest Credit Bureau. We empower you to achieve your financial goals with our high-performance credit information products and services.

CreditRegistry For Consumers

Get empowered on your credit journey. Order your FREE annual credit report and take control of your credit reputation. See what lenders see and make the smart choice to improve your creditworthiness with your CreditRegistry SMARTScore.
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CreditRegistry For Lenders

Take advantage of Nigeria's largest credit bureau database. Access our acquisition and risk management services and products to support your lending business through the entire credit cycle (i.e. from ‘plan’ to ‘write-off’).
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CreditRegistry For Businesses

Improve your cash flow and GetPaidFaster! Our flagship B2B product GetPaidFaster means you can vet businesses before you extend credit to them, send friendly payment reminders, and report very late payers to CreditRegistry to help you GetPaidFaster.
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Nigeria's Trust Bank

Building a credit culture of trust and accountability in Nigeria.
Connect. Trust. Empower.

The Voice Of Credit In Nigeria

CreditRegistry is changing the credit landscape in Nigeria by bringing consumers, lenders and businesses together, facilitating trust and empowering our customers to take control of their financial future


As Nigeria's largest and most pioneering credit bureau, fully licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria, our innovative solutions bring consumers, lenders and businesses together.


We define our role as Nigeria’s “Trust” Bank. Simply put, we enable businesses to connect and establish trust quickly with their customers so they can engage in mutually advantageous business.


Credit is a journey, not a destination. We promote the use of responsible credit and empower consumers to take control of their financial future and achieve their financial goals.
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Life is sweeter when you are financially empowered.
Take control of your financial future and create a strong legacy for generations to come.

What our customers are saying

“CreditRegistry desktop application is simple to use while the credit report is clear and unambiguous. We look forward to using these reports to track our customers and reduce loan default.”
Head, Risk Management
FBN Mortgages Ltd
“CreditRegistry’s anti-fraud solutions helped us verify customers’ identities and detect multiple credit card applications."
Country Head, Retail Banking Group
Ecobank Nigeria Plc
“CreditRegistry’s credit report has become a very useful debt recovery tool, saving us several millions of Naira in delinquent accounts. This further demonstrates the power of credit reporting as an effective social accountability mechanism."
Chief Operating Officer
Rosabon Financial Services

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