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Supporting your lending business through the entire credit cycle

Risk Assessment Support

Identify creditworthy borrowers, manage the risk involved in extending credit and recover unpaid debt.


Know Your Customer (KYC) is a product used to assess and verify the identity of a customer. This involves collecting basic information such as names, BVN, date of birth, addresses, phone number, national identification number or a valid driver’s licence. This information could also be verified from our credit information database. Our KYC product is a key tool for prequalifying your borrowers.

Credit Reporting

Our Credit Report helps determine the credit rating and standing of customers before approving credit lines to them. It also gives an insight into all of an individual’s or corporate entity’s credit account summary, with details of open, closed (paid-off), good standing (performing) accounts broken down throughout the report.


Our SMARTScore V3 report is a summarized report card which shows the credit status of a data subject using numbers. It is CreditRegistry’s internally generated numerical expression that ranges between 0 - 900 based on a level analysis of a person's credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of an individual. We have two categories of number ranges that help classify the ratings. They are:

  • Thin file customers: these are customers that fall within the range of 10 - 99
  • Thick file customers: these are customers that fall within the range of 100 – 999

Some characteristics of our SMARTScore v3 are:

  • Arrears history
  • Credit lines opened
  • Credit limit
  • Amount owed
  • Demography
  • Paid off credit lines
  • Length of credit history

These are just some of the benefits of our SMARTScore:

  • World-wide leading portfolio management tool
  • Significantly improves predictability in decision-making
  • Dramatically reduces uncertainty for automated lending decisions
  • Expand marketing and sales capabilities to increase and retain best customers

Here is a breakdown of our Credit Reports and their features:

Dud Cheque

CreditRegistry is Nigeria’s Largest Credit Bureau providing credit risk management tools for effective credit management by lenders in Nigeria’s financial industry. In furtherance to the Central Bank of Nigeria’s regulatory directive through a circular dated June 28 th 2016, directing all banks to implement measures to dissuade the issuance of dud cheques, we have deployed our Dud-Cheque Information Manager (DIM). DIM helps your bank to meet the CBN requirements to prevent serial dud-cheque issuers from accessing the clearing system and/or credit.

Portfolio Monitoring Report (PMR)

Our PMR is a monitoring report that allows an institution to see its portfolio exposure details across the industry. Our portfolio monitoring report will enable creditors to accomplish the following:

  • Dimension and monitor portfolio risk exposures of existing customers with external credit facilities
  • Provide credit line marketing and cross-selling opportunities that increase revenues
  • Enhance performance of the risk management operations by helping to proactively implement risk mitigation strategies that will reduce delinquencies and losses
  • Dramatically increase odds of collection

Some of its features are:

  • Total Portfolio balance
  • Total Exposure Details
  • Industry Portfolio performance
  • Product Balances and Breakdown
  • Customer Internal Exposure
  • Customer External Exposure
  • Product industry performance

It allows the institution to know which customer to Mind, Manage, Mitigate and Market.

Customer Strategic Aquisition

Campaign Reports

Our Campaign Report enables institutions to determine which customers in a portfolio of prospects are creditworthy using credit bureau information. This service helps institutions find out the creditworthiness of their existing customers with the bureau that can be converted to liability customers. This helps them in the following ways:

  • Increase profitability
  • Reduce turnaround time
  • Increase its consumer retail lending portfolio

Results include a qualified list of prospects classified into two major categories of Good and Bad based on your specified criteria. Additional information may be included in the campaign report to assist with rank ordering customers such as performance status, SMARTScores, balances, credit limits, account types and more.

Enhanced Search Listings

Enhanced Search Listing provides the opportunity for lenders to find matching prospective customers based on your stipulated criteria. The Enhanced Search Listing enables a creditor to specify the category/class of customers that you are interested in and the bureau would provide details of persons/entities that match the specified criteria. With these details, you can go on to contact qualified customers with specific credit products. The benefits of the Enhanced Search Listing service include:

  • Attract the ideal clients - with our service, it is much easier to attract the clients that fit your profile of the ‘ideal customer’:
  • More Targeted Marketing - you can increase your conversion rate of prospects to clients with more targeted and personalized marketing using the enhanced search list;
  • Increase Awareness Among Prospects - with the enhanced search list you can generate awareness of your business among your most likely prospects and thus stand better chances of success;
  • Reliable database - the enhanced search list enables you to build the best-qualified client database for your business with less effort compared to alternatives;
  • Improve productivity - by using a list generated to specifications given by your organization, you save time, effort and resources and thus improve the productivity of your team; and
  • Reputational Gains - you can cross-sell products to reliable, credible and loyal customers thus enabling you to establish a strong reputation for rewarding creditworthy customers with additional service.

Industries this is useful to: FinTech, Commercial Banks, Renewable Energy Companies, Microfinance Banks, Manufacturers, Telcos, Travel Agencies, Real Estate, Finance Houses, Law Firms, Recruitment Agencies, and many more

Recovery Support

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing Report gathers additional information from other subscribers on the bureau to locate a borrower that has otherwise skipped (i.e. no longer accessible through current contact information on your company file). The effectiveness of a recovery process is usually dependent on the ability to track down debtors to their current contact details such as home address, office address, phone number etc.

CreditRegistry’s Skip Tracing Report helps trace debtors who cannot be reached after they have moved from their residential address and possibly changed phone numbers or employment. This service would furnish additional details for contacting the debtors other than the details the company currently has on its records. CreditRegistry’s powerful skip tracing tool returns the following to improve your skip tracing efforts:

  • Other addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Business affiliates
  • Aliases
  • Employment locations

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