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Know Your Customer (KYC) is a product used to assess and verify the identity of a customer. This involves collecting basic information such as names, bvn, date of birth, addresses, phone number, national identification number or a valid driver’s licence. This information could also be verified from our credit information database. Our KYC product is a key tool for prequalifying your borrowers.

Credit Reporting

A credit report is a statement that has information about your current and historic credit activities such as: the status of your credit accounts and its repayment history. Our Credit Report would help determine the credit rating and standing of customers before approving credit lines to them. It also gives an insight into all of an individual’s or corporate entity’s credit account summary, with details of open, closed (paid-off), good standing (performing) accounts broken down throughout the report.


Our SMARTScore V3 report is a summarized report card which shows the credit status of a data subject using numbers. It is CreditRegistry’s internally generated numerical expression that ranges between 0 - 900 based on a level analysis of a person's credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of an individual. We have two category of number ranges that help classify the ratings. They are:

  • Thin file customers: these are customers that fall within the range of 10 - 99
  • Thick file customers: these are customers that fall within in the range of 100 – 999

Some Characteristics of our SMARTScore v3 are:

  • Arrears history
  • Credit lines opened
  • Credit limit
  • Amount owed
  • Demography
  • Paid off credit lines
  • Length of credit history

These are some of the benefits of our SMARTScore:

  • World-wide leading portfolio management tool
  • Significantly improves predictability in decision-making
  • Dramatically reduce uncertainty for automated lending decisions
  • Expand marketing and sales capabilities to increase and retain best customers

Here is a breakdown of our Credit Reports and their features:

Dud Cheque

CreditRegistry is Nigeria’s Pioneer Credit Bureau Company providing credit risk management tools for effective credit management by lenders in Nigeria’s financial industry. In furtherance to the Central Bank of Nigeria’s regulatory directive through a circular dated June 28 the 2016, directing all banks to implement measures to dissuade the issuance of dud cheques, we have deployed our Dud-Cheque Information Manager (DIM). DIM helps your bank to meet the CBN requirements to prevent serial dud-cheque issuers from accessing the clearing system and/or credit.

Portfolio Monitoring Report (PMR)

Our PMR is a monitoring report that allows an institution to see its portfolio exposure details across the industry. Our portfolio monitoring report will enable creditors to accomplish the following:

  • Dimension and monitor portfolio risk exposures of existing customers with external credit facilities
  • Provide credit line marketing and cross-selling opportunities that increase revenues
  • Enhance performance of the risk management operations by helping to proactively implement risk mitigation strategies that will reduce delinquencies and losses
  • Dramatically increase odds of collection

Some of its features are:

  • Total Portfolio balance
  • Total Exposure Details
  • Industry Portfolio performance
  • Product Balances and Breakdown
  • Customer Internal Exposure
  • Customer External Exposure
  • Product industry performance

It allows the institution to know which customer to Mind, Manage, Mitigate and Market.

Take care of your credit and it will take care of you

Whether you need to build, repair or maintain your credit, having good credit makes life easier.

Among other things, you can use credit to buy a car or purchase your dream home. It can also be used to fund a startup. A good credit score means you can qualify for lower interest rates and in some cases can help you secure a job.

Since your credit is defined by your behaviour with money, anytime you need to finance something, whether personal or business, your credit history will always be a point of reference.

So, to live your best life with credit, you have to be creditworthy.

That’s why we say: Live Life. Use Credit.

Credit is COOL

Credit is COOL because it is a source of Capital, Opportunities, Options and Leverage

Capital – When you need capital you should have access to it. A good credit score allows you to access funds that would otherwise be unavailable to you. Sometimes, a good credit score mean you can get quick access to emergency funds.

Opportunities – We all want access to the best opportunities in life. And credit is the key to opening the door when opportunity knocks. Make sure you are ready. You deserve it.

Options –  Credit gives you options. A good credit score gives you more options to improve the quality of your life and reach your financial goals. 

Leverage – When you are creditworthy you have more leverage. This, in turn, not only gives you confidence but puts you in a strong bargaining position. Gift yourself the best chance in life with a good credit score.




If you want credit, you must know what lenders know before you apply.

CreditConnection helps you achieve this. 

CreditConnection helps you keep connected with your credit journey. You can start by simply ordering your credit report and finding out your CreditRegistry SMARTScore. Whenever you need to know more about your credit information, simply log on to www.creditconnection.ng Signing up is easy! All you need is your phone number and your BVN.⠀ ⠀

After all, it is the SMART thing to do.


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Take control of your credit reputation. Get alerts to monitor changes reported about your credit performance. You will always be on top of your SMARTScore and immediately know when negative marks are reported.


Dispute Services

Are banks refusing you a loan? Let CreditConnection offer you assistance resolving disputes.  If something has been reported incorrectly about your credit, we will work directly with lenders to help identify the problems and fix them.

Check out our FAQS for more information.


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