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April fool's day prank to try at work.

If you've been dying to prank your co-workers then April Fools' Day is the perfect opportunity to
bring on your best shot —without feeling guilty.

April fool's day is essentially a holiday for pranks where everyone is expected to be on guard.
But then, there are always unsuspecting victims to be pranked so why not? You have full
permission to prank whomever you choose. After all, what's April fool's day without a good
prank and laughter?

We bring you some of the easiest and hilarious April fool's day prank ideas that are sure to get your victims. Let
the pranking begin!

  1. Text them the dictionary
    This may sound like a lot of work just for prank purposes, but the University of Michigan's
    has collected an extensive list of words that you can easily copy and paste into a text. If
    you want a bigger element of surprise, press Ctrl + S on the word page to save it all as a text
    file, and then deliver it to your victim as an innocent-looking attachment in an email. It’s a gift
    that won't be forgotten, as many email search engines will look inside attachments when doing
    word searches, so they’ll always remember your prank. How's that for an everlasting April fool's
  2. Use the other door
    The more doors, the merrier. Fix signs reading, "Door is broken, use other door," to every
    entrance and exit in the office, with arrows pointing in every possible direction. You'll find
    confused colleagues walking in circles, just to find an escape. Just make sure to let them know
    it's a prank soon enough, before they lose their minds.
  3. I need to see you now
    This is to be the most simple prank but with stellar results. Write “I need to see you ASAP” on a
    note and leave it on a coworker’s desk and watch them panic as they try to figure out who left
    the note and what trouble they could be in. Don’t let them freak out too much before revealing
    it's an April fool's day prank or they may never forgive you.
  4. Crack their phone screen.
    No, not literally, it's only a prank. The crack is an illusion, a simple app-installed wallpaper
    designed to look like a damaged screen. The relief they feel when they find out it's a prank just
    makes this one of the most satisfying pranks ever. There are a few free apps that'll fool even the
    most attentive and careful phone owners.
  5. Keyboard switch
    On most keyboards, the letters M and N look similar, and they're found next to each other.
    Carefully remove the keys with a screwdriver and swap them, then wait for your prank victim to
    get annoyed at his or her constant spelling errors. It could take days for them to understand
    what has happened, so be sure to let them in on the April fool's day prank soon enough.
  6. Typing…
    If you ever waited impatiently at the texting bubble, you'll understand why this prank is a winner.
    Now you can torture your friends endlessly with a texting bubble GIF. When you text your
    friends on April Fools', you can trick them into waiting for a response that never comes. The
    more impatient and curious the victim, the better!
  7. Email signature
    If you have access to your friend’s email, you can change their email signature. Maybe a new
    goofy title under their name, like “Member of the Sweet Boys Association”
    Remember to keep it goofy and funny; not offensive. You don’t want to get them fired.
  8. Pizza nuts?
    You'll be the most loved member of staff when you walk in with a box of Pizza. Well, at least you
    will until they realize you've replaced the pizza with some nuts (groundnut, cashew, almonds,
    anything except pizza). Nothing feels as disappointing as groundnut when you were expecting
    something soft and nice with extra cheese.
  9. May I speak to Toke?
    This one works well when done as a group. Throughout the day, starting as early as possible,
    have different people call your victim to speak with Toke. If possible, have someone new call
    every 30 minutes, so it really starts to become annoying for them to say, "There's nobody called
    Toke here, it must be a wrong number."
    At the end of the day, it's time for the grand reveal. They get a call and the voice on the other
    end says, "Hi, this is Toke. Have there been any calls for me?"
    April fooooooolllllll (lol)
  10. Crying over spilt milk
    It's not easy not to cry over spilt milk when it's on your laptop. You obviously shouldn't destroy
    somebody's computer for an April Fools' prank, but you can briefly trick them into thinking you
    did. All you need is a glass surface and some glue, which will fill in for the milk.amd you'll have
    them crying over spilt milk.
  11. Who wants to pee?
    This is a great one for work: Depending on how many toilet stalls there are at the shared
    bathroom on your floor, create some fake lower legs and feet, using shoes and pants stuffed
    with towels. Put them inside the stalls before the workday begins, then watch as your coworkers
    get annoyed that every toilet has been occupied all day. When it becomes unbearable, try to
    lead your colleagues in an uprising against the toilet squatters.
  12. Screen flip
    It's so easy, it'd be a crime not to use this April fool's prank on somebody. All you have to do is
    get access to their computer—wait until they're at lunch or when they go to pee—and hit
    Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow. It instantly flips everything on their PC screen so it's upside down. (And
    it's easy to reverse. Just hit Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow.) For a Mac, go to their System Preferences,
    open the Displays option and click on the "Rotate" menu.
  13. Glue sanitizers
    This prank might get a little messy, but is super easy to pull off. Change the content of your
    hand sanitizers to clear glue. They’ll pump out a sticky surprise right into their hands … and
    wonder why it’s not evaporating as they rub.
    Happy April fool's day everyone!
    Which of these April fool's day pranks would you be trying?
Article written by CreditRegistry

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