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5 Tools from CreditRegistry to Boost Your Lending Business in Nigeria

In the fast-paced world of lending in Nigeria, staying ahead of the game requires powerful tools and services to boost your business and minimize risks. Luckily, CreditRegistry, the country's pioneer and largest credit bureau, has got you covered. Get ready to discover the top five game-changing tools offered by CreditRegistry that will revolutionize your lending business, drive profitability, and ensure success.

Dud Cheque Information Manager (DIM):

One of the common challenges faced by lending institutions in Nigeria is dealing with dud cheques, which can lead to financial losses and reputational damage. CreditRegistry's Dud Cheque Information Manager (DIM) helps banks comply with the regulatory directive issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria. DIM prevents serial dud-cheque issuers from accessing the clearing system and credit facilities, thereby minimizing the risk associated with bounced cheques. By leveraging DIM, your institution can safeguard its financial interests and maintain a healthy lending environment.

Portfolio Monitoring Report (PMR)

Managing risk exposure is a critical aspect of any lending business. CreditRegistry's Portfolio Monitoring Report (PMR) empowers institutions to effectively monitor and analyze their portfolio risk across the industry. With PMR, lenders can identify and evaluate the risk exposures of existing customers with external credit facilities. This valuable insight allows for proactive risk management, targeted marketing, and cross-selling opportunities. By leveraging PMR, lending institutions can enhance their overall risk management operations, reduce defaults, and increase the odds of successful collections.

Skip Tracing Report

Debt recovery can be a challenging process, especially when debtors cannot be reached due to changes in contact information. CreditRegistry's Skip Tracing Report provides an invaluable tool for tracing and locating debtors who have skipped or become inaccessible through existing contact details. By gathering additional information from other subscribers on the credit bureau, this report enables lending institutions to track down debtors to their current contact details such as home addresses, office addresses, and phone numbers. The Skip Tracing Report significantly improves the effectiveness of the debt recovery process, increasing the chances of successful collections

Campaign Report

Understanding the creditworthiness of existing and prospective customers is vital for optimizing lending decisions and increasing profitability. CreditRegistry's Campaign Report allows lending institutions to assess the creditworthiness of customers in their portfolio of prospects. By leveraging the bureau's comprehensive data, institutions can make informed decisions, reduce the turnaround time, and expand their consumer retail lending portfolio. The Campaign Report provides a qualified list of prospects based on specific criteria, enabling lenders to target the right customers and enhance their lending strategies.


Cash flow management is crucial for the success of any lending business. CreditRegistry's flagship product, GetPaidFaster, offers a comprehensive solution for managing unpaid invoices and debt efficiently. With GetPaidFaster, lenders can consolidate all unpaid invoices and debt in one place, schedule automated payment reminders, and access credit reports to vet customers before proposing payment terms. Moreover, the option to report seriously past-due payments to CreditRegistry acts as a powerful deterrent, preventing defaulters from obtaining services or credit elsewhere until their outstanding debts are settled. This feature ensures timely payments and reduces the risk of bad debts.

To thrive in the lending industry in Nigeria, it is essential to leverage advanced tools and services that mitigate risks, enhance portfolio management, and optimize lending decisions. CreditRegistry's suite of products and services offers valuable solutions for addressing challenges such as dud cheques, risk exposure monitoring, debt recovery, creditworthiness assessment, and effective debt management. By incorporating these top five tools into your lending business, you can streamline operations, reduce losses, and foster a healthy lending environment. To get started on any of these tools, send an email to [email protected] today.

Article written by CreditRegistry

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