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What does CreditRegistry do?

CreditRegistry's innovation

At CreditRegistry, our vision is to be Nigeria’s number one provider of insightful solutions. In doing so, we enable creditors, consumers and businesses to establish trust quickly and engage in mutually advantageous business. 

CreditRegistry serves consumers, businesses and lenders. Our products are designed in a way that makes them easy to use and understand. As a credit bureau, we offer big data solutions to help lenders profitably manage the entire credit lifecycle and reduce risk. We also offer consumer and B2B products.

Our products provide a solutions that creditors and borrowers can rely on to make fast, easy, and smart credit decisions.  For businesses, our products and services protect them from making uninformed credit decisions and to enhance their cash flow. For individuals, our products empower and encourage accountability to improve creditworthiness. We also provide awareness about credit to improve quality of life of many individuals.

Our leading products include Credit Report, AutoCred API, Dud Cheque API, SMARTScore, CreditConnection, GetPaidFaster, Portfolio Monitoring Report, and Campaign Report. 

Let’s walk you through our products and the value we create with them.



DUD Cheque otherwise known as dishonoured cheque is a cheque that a bank declines to pay (“honour”). There are a number of reasons why a bank would refuse to honour a cheque. And the most common reason is usually non-sufficient funds (NSF). This indicates that there are insufficient cleared funds in the account on which the cheque was drawn.

A DUD CHEQUE is popularly known in Nigeria as “bounced cheque”. It usually reflects an account in debit, or one where the credit balance is lower than the amount indicated on the cheque.  It is an empty cheque that has no monetary value as no money can pass through it. Therefore, a dud cheque paid into a bank account is not only an embarrassment to the payee and bank but also a crime.

Central Bank of Nigeria’s regulatory directive through a circular dated June 28th 2016, directed all banks to implement measures to dissuade the issuance of dud cheques. CreditRegistry, Nigeria’s pioneer and largest credit bureau has deployed our Dud-Cheque Information Manager (DIM). DIM helps your bank to meet the CBN requirements to prevent serial dud-cheque issuers from accessing the clearing system and/or credit.


Our PMR is a monitoring report that allows an institution to see its portfolio exposure details across the industry. To sum up, our portfolio monitoring report will enable creditors to accomplish the following:

  • Dimension and monitor portfolio risk exposures of existing customers with external credit facilities
  • Provide credit line marketing and cross-selling opportunities that increase revenues
  • Enhance performance of the risk management operations and reduce defaults and losses
  • Dramatically increase odds of collection
  • It allows the institution to know which customer to Mind, Manage, Mitigate and Market.


CreditRegistry’s Skip Tracing Report provides a practical way to go about debt recovery. The Skip tracing report is a tool to trace debtors who cannot be reached. It may be because they have moved from their residential address and possibly changed phone numbers. However, with this tool, you get additional details of the debtors other than the details the company currently has on its records. In effect, it gathers additional information from other subscribers on the bureau to locate a borrower that has otherwise skipped (i.e. no longer accessible through current contact information on your company file). The effectiveness of a recovery process is usually dependent on the ability to track down debtors to their current contact details such as home address, office address, phone number etc.


Our Campaign Report enables institutions to determine which customers in a portfolio of prospects are creditworthy. This service helps institutions find out from the bureau, how credit worthy their existing customers are. As a result, institutions increase profitability, reduce turnaround time, and increase its consumer retail lending portfolio

The report includes a qualified list of prospects based on your specified criteria. Also, the additional information in the campaign report can be ranked with metrics such as performance status, SMARTScores, balances, credit limits, account types etc.


Our flagship product GetPaidFaster allows you to not only manage all your unpaid invoices and debt in one place but report late payers to CreditRegistry, Nigeria's largest credit bureau.

As a result, poor payers risk getting a bad credit score which makes it difficult for them to deal with other businesses until your bills are settled.

Our goal is to help your entire ecosystem and industry thrive!

With GetPaidFaster, you can add all your unpaid invoices and debt in one place and schedule friendly automatic payment reminders to your customers. Furthermore, you can order credit reports to vet customers before proposing payment terms.

But that's not all!

You have the option to report seriously past-due payments to CreditRegistry, Nigeria’s largest credit bureau. As a result. it provides an extremely effective deterrent to prevent customers that owe you money from getting services or credit elsewhere until you are paid.


CreditConnection is a service from CreditRegistry, for individuals and small businesses that wish to benefit from Nigeria’s emerging credit economy. Borrowers turn to CreditConnection to build their credit reputation to get access to fast easy credit.

CreditConnection aims to help you establish reputational collateral and increase your knowledge about credit.

CreditConnection is your trusted source to get instant and private access to your credit information. Therefore, if you are looking to understand how to build a good credit reputation or if you have been denied credit and want to understand why, this solution is what you need.

CreditConnection also empowers you to see what lenders see. It offers a free annual credit report to help you stay in the loop with your credit information, SMARTScores and take control of your credit reputation.

Are banks not giving you a loan? Let CreditConnection assist you to resolve disputes if something has been reported incorrectly about your credit. We will work directly with lenders to help identify the problems and fix them.

Article written by CreditRegistry

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