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The Voice of Credit in Nigeria - How Did CreditRegistry Begin?

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CreditRegistry - Nigeria's pioneer and largest credit bureau.

CreditRegistry is the voice of credit in Nigeria. Instant credit can take place today in Nigeria due to the solutions first pioneered by CreditRegistry, Nigeria’s pioneer and largest credit bureau. But how did CreditRegistry get here? It all began with our founder Mr. Taiwo Ayedun more than two decades ago…

How it all began...

Mr. Taiwo Ayedun was admitted to the prestigious IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) in the US to study engineering. Then suddenly, his happiness vanished.

The little money his relatives raised for him to go to America to study was gone, and on-campus jobs were hard to come by. Luckily, one of his classmates advised him to apply for a credit card. With no other options, he applied, expecting to be rejected.

To his surprise, in less than two weeks, he received a Chase credit card with a $500 limit. This helped tide him over until he got an on-campus job. 

Who knows what would have happened had he not got the credit card? Maybe he would have had to drop out until his relatives could send more money, after the harvest. The credit card gave him a lifeline, allowing him to buy time until the job came through.

Mr. Taiwo Ayedun completed his engineering degree, then worked for Microsoft for several years. He enjoyed a good life in the US, but his heart ached for Nigeria. The one thing that always lurked in the back of his mind was the credit he received as a student. He got it because the US has a well-established culture of credit based on trust and credit scores.  Because of this, he noticed that lots of middle-class Americans enjoyed a high standard of living. What if a similar system existed in Nigeria?

CreditRegistry is born....

Mr. Taiwo Ayedun decided to introduce a similar system to citizens in his home country.

His desire led him to discover the role that credit bureaus play to help financial institutions make credit more available to consumers and small businesses

In 2003, Mr. Taiwo Ayedun and his beautiful wife – Dr. Jameelah Sharieff Ayedun started CreditRegistry. The goal was to enable Nigerians benefit from easy access to consumer credit to help improve their lives. CreditRegistry subsequently laid the foundation for large-scale consumer and small business lending in Nigeria and continues to promote a culture of accountability with credit. As the pioneer credit bureau in the country, our innovations bring revolutionarily change to the lending culture in an emerging market like Nigeria. This is why we remain “the voice of credit in Nigeria”.

Licensed by the Nigerian Central Bank, CreditRegistry serves over 60 million users today. As Nigeria’s largest credit bureau, we have a simple mission – to empower you take control of your financial future.

As such, we are here to provide you with free annual credit reports so you can make optimal decisions to improve and maintain your credit score and reach your dreams like our founder did.

To help you reach your dreams, our dedicated team at CreditRegistry is suitably named after our core values: 'EPIC!'

What is EPIC?

Excellent Customer Experience

Passion and Innovation


Continuous Learning

These values shape our work and the standard of services we deliver. We want to help you take control of your financial future today. Live life, Use Credit!

Article written by CreditRegistry

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