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Election Effects on Credit: Hear From The Experts at Market Pulse 1.0

CreditRegistry’s National Credit Insight and Economic Trend – Pre-2023 Election.

The aura of the coming election is top of mind for many Nigerians. During this time many businesses are concerned about recouping capital, keeping business safe, and looking out for post-election opportunities.
To this end, CreditRegistry presents “MARKET PULSE: CreditRegistry’s National Credit Insight and Economic Trend – Pre-2023 Election.”

This webinar seeks to demystify pre-election effects on businesses especially as it relates to lending and the present credit behavior of financial institutions. It will also highlight the credit appetite of businesses and its overall impact on the economy.

Individuals and credit-facilitating institutions will understand Nigeria’s current lending landscape due to the robust statistical trends that will be communicated. The webinar will be a knowledge-sharing session with an in-depth analysis of the present economic trend, partly as a result of forthcoming elections. There will be a disaggregated data insight on present monetary and fiscal trends, opportunities, reservations, and potential impact on the economy.

Who should attend?

Consumers, Business Owners, Financial Institutions, Non-Financial Institutions, Fintech, Lending companies, Lending software companies, aggregators, other credit facilitating companies, all economists, associations etc
If you are concerned about how the coming elections affect business, credit opportunities, and the Nigerian economy in general, then this webinar is for you.

Catch the replay here.

You don’t want to miss it!

Article written by CreditRegistry

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