As a world-class credit bureau operator, focused on innovative solutions, CreditRegistry provides a variety of value added services to enable subscribers effectively harness credit bureau data. Our value added services include


Portfolio Monitoring Report

Our 4M Model Portfolio Monitoring Report (PMR) enables lenders determine the credit exposures for all existing loan facilities while also enabling lenders to identify and categorise customers as follows:

  • Market (proactively target an identified class of customers)
  • Mind (keep a tab on this class of customers, though no immediate action is required)
  • Manage (review this class of customers for potential risk actions)
  • Mitigate (immediate risk review and possible mitigation actions required against this class of customers)

Campaign Report

Our Campaign Report enables lenders identify creditworthy customers from their existing portfolio enabling lenders achieve the following:

  • Target existing liability customers for new credit lines
  • Be proactive in approaching prospective customers
  • Obtain list of creditworthy prospects

Enhanced Search List

Our Enhanced Search List enables lenders identify and target qualified customers from the entire credit bureau database enabling lenders achieve the following:

  • Build a database of qualified clients for your business
  • Target customers external to your bank
  • Increase your conversion rates as marketing is targeted & personalised
  • Improve productivity by saving time, effort and resources

Skip Tracing Report

Our Skip Tracing Report enables lenders locate defaulting debtors who may have vanished and become untraceable by the lender.

Our goal is to enable our customers succeed by providing innovative credit bureau solutions, imparting relevant skills and the knowledge to grow and improve our customer’s talent pool. The goal is to get you where you want to go in an evolving business climate. Through world-class expertise and especially the ability to listen, we will help you to increase your customer base, increase profits and manage risk. In short, your success is our growth so we really want you to succeed.
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