Consumer Credit: Managing Risk and Reward

For more than 20 years, industry practitioners around the world have enhanced their education by attending this landmark training. It teaches the basics and secrets of how to be a successful lender for businesses of any size for it was built on the successes and failures of both large and small institutions involved in every facet of lending.

Solomon & Lawrence, the faculty behind the course, is world-class having worked for many institutions and authored a bestselling book entitled Managing a Consumer Lending Business.


The three-day course helps foster a credit culture within your organization by allowing staff from different functional areas to work together to solve problems and improve profits in today’s highly competitive environment. Begin to foster a “credit culture” that understands how to effectively balance the risks and rewards.

Content and Teaching Methodology:

Better yet, the program has been specifically tailored to address the needs of Nigerian lenders. It teaches the principles of the credit cycle and the consumer lending business using teaching techniques such as:

  • Lectures
  • Exercises with case studies
  • Computer-based profit modeling simulations
  • Group exercises
Due to the interactive nature of the course, class size is limited. Active involvement allows participants to put into practice the principles taught during the lectures. Group exercises provide a cross-fertilization of diverse situations and experiences to broaden your understanding.


Practical Applications: How to use Credit Bureau Data

This hands-on 1-day course is the world’s leading training that teaches you how to use credit bureau data to your advantage through our world-famous Credit Cycle business model. Facilitate and control risk as extended in the form of credit lines, loans, managing current accounts, collections, litigations and more. There is no reason for any company extending credit to take undue risk. Information is available through our credit bureau that when coupled with your own internal customer information, can radically increase your account base and profits while controlling risk like never before using real-world models of lending practice.


This course will open your eyes to practical applications on how to use data to your competitive advantage in approaching everyday business challenges; how to profitably grow your customer base, what credit criteria you should use, how can you extend credit to unknown populations, how do you meet KYC requirements, how to proactively recover debt, how to report litigations, how to manage risk of existing portfolios and even how to safely hire new employees, etc. The course will also help foster a credit culture within your organization by allowing staff from different functional areas to work together and “align themselves” to safely fulfill customer needs in today’s highly competitive environment.

The benefits multiply when the entire business team from the same organization (but different functional areas) attends and gains exposure to the entire process to become “aligned.”

Who should attend this 1-day event?

  • Enterprise & Credit Risk Management
  • Retail Product Development
  • Marketing/ Sales
  • Consumer Finance
  • Legal/Compliance Officers
  • Microfinance Lending
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Credit Administration
  • Acquisition & Relationship Management
  • Retail & Consumer Banking
  • SME Lending
  • Loan Monitoring & Recovery/ Collections

Content and Teaching Methodology:

The program is customized to address the needs of Nigerian lenders. It discusses the principles using data from credit bureaus with practical examples of risk management using data far beyond the traditional viewpoints and practice of Nigerian lenders today. Theory and step-by-step practical examples are shown at all levels of the course.

Class size is limited to 15 delegates per organisation. Why not make this a team effort? Register your organization for this 1-day course today!

  • CEO, Seedvest MFB
    First class consumer credit course taught by world class trainers. No other training program on consumer credit would equip your team better. Send your best professionals to this course – you will be happy you did.
    CEO, Seedvest MFB
  • IMD, Support Bank, BankPHB
    I found tailor made solutions and insight to our consumer loan profitability assessment. The benefits from the course will be immediately deployed to our profitability analyses and determining those products that bring value to our business. I will be recommending the very next course to all my business colleagues.
    IMD, Support Bank, BankPHB
  • Head, Consumer Banking Products, First Bank
    Seminars were very interesting and educational. The course content and delivery were excellent and I certainly learnt new things.
    Head, Consumer Banking Products, First Bank
  • UK
    Probably the best professional training course I’ve ever been through.
  • JD
    I’ve never seen a team of trainers/experts who were so uniformly supportive, positive and knowledgeable. Great class!