Credit Report

When you order a credit report, you get proof of the financial reputation and repayment behaviour of your customer or prospect. Our credit report contains detailed profile information, payment/transaction history and a SMARTScore (the credit score).

For identity/profile information, the credit report will typically include Name, Address, Date of Birth, Date of Incorporation, Bank Verification Number (BVN), RC Number, Phone Number, and Employer while transaction history would include Account Information, Credit Score, Loan Amount, Loan Type, Term of Loan, Account Status, Credit Score, Collateral, Guarantors, Business Affiliates, Enquiry History, Payment History etc.

With our credit reports, lenders are able to

  • Instantly check past credit behaviour of credit applicants
  • Determine existing liabilities of credit applicants
  • Determine existing collaterals provided for credit
  • Identify concurrent credit inquiries from different banks or lending organizations
  • Obtain credit scores for instant credit decisions